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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

I can't sign up for all the classes in the summer program. How do I know if I signed up correctly?

When signing up for a class, you will click the first day that the program starts on the calendar. You will then go ahead to check out. By checking out, you are agreeing to the required commitment for the program. You should receive an automated email showing you paid and signed up. 

Can I pick how I make payment?

Yes, when you go to checkout, you can choose to pay in person or write a check to Real Neal Sports. 

Where can I get the summer schedule?

The summer schedule is downloadable. Click Here

How do I become a recommended athlete?

You can become a recommended athlete by your coach, mentor, or school. You would need to have your coach reach out to us to put in their recommendation for you. 

What if I don't stick to the commitment in any of the programs? 

If you don't stick to the commitment within the program you've chosen, you may be dismissed out of the program and not allowed to join the next program. We handle these situations on a case by case basis. 

What do I bring to class?

You should always bring water, closed toe athletic shoes, and equipment for your sport. (ie. baseball/softball glove, lacrosse sticks, soccer ball, volley ball, etc.

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