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Start in a plank position, hands on the floor, shoulder width apart.  Put both feet on top of the gym ball and roll the ball in and out.  You may have to make some adjustments as to feet position on top of the ball.  Make sure to bring your knees all the way to your chest.

Do 10 times then rest 1 minute.  Repeat 3 times.

The above shot is the advanced position using the Bosu ball for added core strength and balance.
Stick With It Lacrosse

We have marked the beginning of the new lacrosse season.  I am excited to be returning to work with Stick With It, Coach Amy McCleary, her coaching staff, and the rest of these talented and athletic young women.  Once a week I will be providing strength and conditioning workouts specific to the lacrosse athlete as well as speed and performance training.  I look forward to an amazing season.

Private training is also provided to the athlete that feels they need a little more than just once a week.  Please contact me at or 925-237-0163
Athlete of the Week

Each week a Real Neal Sports athlete will be highlighted here for an outstanding achievement on the field.

Who will it be this week?

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